Madd Anthony Bar and Grill

Birthday Party @ Maddanthony’s Bar and Grill

Blow out your candles at Maddanthony's Bar and Grill

From 21st's to "rather not say", we host birthday parties you've only dreamed of.

Our Birthday Party Package includes:
- 2 XL thin crust cheese pizzas
- 4 Pitchers Tap Beer (Import or Domestic)
- a Slice of cake for the Birthday Boy/Girl
- Hosts 6-10 ppl.

$120 value for $25 (+gratuity)
*Must RSVP 1 week in advanced and Birthday Boy/Girl MUST show ID with valid D.O.B.
*Must be 21+

Our bartenders want to celebrate with you as much as your friends do! If so, we're your spot...we'll accommodate your every birthday wish and make sure it's a night you never forget -- even if you can't remember it totally clearly!

Celebrate your birthday with us at Maddanthony's Bar and Grill.

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